(6 weeks — 12 months)

The first year is a crucial time in every child’s development. Our infant care program has a dedicated space, with separate rooms for babies under 6 months and older babies (6 to 12 months). With soft, warm lighting and décor, our cozy rooms are as comforting and homelike as Grandma’s living room. We offer breastfeeding support, and a nursing area. Teachers focus on motor and verbal development and providing plenty of love and affection.

Our Infant Daycare Program Includes: 

  • Clean toys that stimulate infant curiosity
  • Regular, documented diaper changes
  • Quiet nap areas
  • On-demand feeding
  • Constant supervision, even while napping
  • Safe sleep practices
  • Active engagement in play with staff
  • Toys that encourage learning
  • Screen-free play
  • Monitored peer interaction and play
  • Positive encouragement and attentive comfort
  • Balanced play, story, activity, and nap time
  • Staff involvement to facilitate learning and development

“That the center is designed for the kids to have fun, is safe, secure and they have security cameras!”