(3–5 years)

How much is your preschooler learning? At Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids, preschool children begin their academic development early, with age-appropriate opportunities to explore and try new things. Children are divided into three groups, ages three, four, and five. Reading, pre-reading, writing, and counting skills are strong focuses here, as are gross and fine motor development. We offer math skills as well as an early exposure to several languages including French and American Sign Language. Social development is key during the preschool years, and our curriculum helps children learn to appreciate diversity. We offer field trips and plenty of opportunities to engage with music, nature, and the arts.

Our Preschool Program Includes: 

  • Age-appropriate environment for safe exploration
  • Inside and outside playtime
  • A structured schedule of balanced activities
  • Social interaction — sharing, cooperation, interaction
  • Character development and life skills exploration
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Early math — counting, matching, problem-solving, sorting, and patterns
  • Language and literacy promotion
  • Creative arts activities to encourage imagination and promote self-expression
  • Identification of individual learning needs
  • Songs, storytime, and age-appropriate games
  • Staff-led activities and learning groups
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Kindergarten preparation
  • Toys that promote learning and discovery
  • Brainstorming and groupthink
  • Physical activities to keep kids moving
  • Educational field trips
  • Foreign language and American Sign Language

Our preschool programs are aimed at fostering the joy of learning and allowing little learners to explore their environment and interact with peers to achieve emotional and social development. More attention to structure and schedule is introduced at this age to help children prepare for kindergarten, but don’t worry, there is still plenty of free play and age-appropriate activities. Our preschool programs encourage friendships, foster imagination and creativity, and helps young children learn numbers, shapes, letters, and colors — among other things — to prepare them for their formal academic career to follow. Our teachers are able to develop individualized learning programs to meet each student’s needs. To enroll your young learner in our preschool program, visit us online or contact us today!

“Learning is fun, kids are learning thorough structured play and are enjoying the process!”