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Our Daycare Programs


(6 weeks — 12 months)

The first year is a crucial time in every child’s development. Our infant care program has a dedicated space, with separate rooms for babies under 6 months and older babies (6 to 12 months). With soft, warm lighting and décor, our cozy rooms are as comforting and homelike as Grandma’s living room. We offer breastfeeding support, and a nursing area. Teachers focus on motor and verbal development and providing plenty of love and affection.


(1–3 years)

The toddler years are a busy time, as children’s minds and bodies develop rapidly. Our toddler program is divided into early (13–18 months), middle (18–25 months), and older toddlers (26–36 months), with separate rooms for each group. Our toddler space is cheerful, with a stimulating design offering a safe environment for toddlers to explore and experiment. Toddler teachers focus on gross and fine motor development, manipulation skills, social and academic development, pre-reading skills, and early foreign-language exposure. Toddlers can attend field trips with an accompanying parent.


(3–5 years)

How much is your preschooler learning? At Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids, preschool children begin their academic development early, with age-appropriate opportunities to explore and try new things. Children are divided into three groups, ages three, four, and five. Reading, pre-reading, writing, and counting skills are strong focuses here, as are gross and fine motor development. We offer math skills as well as an early exposure to several languages including French and American Sign Language. Social development is key during the preschool years, and our curriculum helps children learn to appreciate diversity. We offer field trips and plenty of opportunities to engage with music, nature, and the arts

School-Age Children

(Kindergarten – 13 years)

What is your child doing after school? Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids offers before and after school programs for children up to age 13. We offer a dedicated space, homework support and review, and additional opportunities for academic and social development, as well as an escort to and from school.

Summer Camp

(6–13 years)

Does your child fall behind academically during summer vacation? It can be hard to find summer child care that supports your child’s academic development—and even harder to find programs that make learning fun. Summer camp at Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids is the answer. Our full-day program offers kids plenty of time to play, run, imagine, and make friends outside, while also helping them to continue to progress in reading, math, and other subjects. Your child will love it—and so will you!





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