Infant Care


6 weeks — 12 months

The first year is a crucial time in every child’s development. Our infant care program has a dedicated space, with separate rooms for babies under 6 months and older babies (6 to 12 months). With soft, warm lighting and décor, our cozy rooms are as comforting and homelike as Grandma’s living room. We are one of the few daycares in the area to offer breastfeeding support and a nursing area. Teachers focus on motor and verbal development and providing plenty of love and affection.

We Include

Only the best for your little ones...
  • Clean toys that stimulate infant curiosity
  • Regular, documented diaper changes
  • Quiet nap areas
  • On-demand feeding
  • Constant supervision, even while napping
  • Safe sleep practices
  • Active engagement in play with staff
  • Toys that encourage learning
  • Screen-free play
  • Monitored peer interaction and play
  • Positive encouragement and attentive comfort
  • Balanced play, story, activity, and nap time
  • Staff involvement to facilitate learning and development

What Families say

Testimonials About Darlene's Wee Care 4 Kids

I just wanted to let you know how happy and grateful I am that your school, your students, and your staff made my baby boy feel loved, welcomed, safe, and happy yesterday. All he talked about yesterday was how happy and well behaved he was. My baby boy walked into that facility yesterday and said “Hi!” and walked out yesterday so happy. He told me all about his day and was ready for the next day. The smile on his face, his whole posture was everything to me. I’m so happy I picked this school! I CAN FINALLY SAY MY BABY IS HAPPY, I ACCOMPLISHED A GOAL FOR HIM, AND GRANTED HIS WISHES WITH A NEW SCHOOL that he named “DARLENE’S VIRTUAL LEARNING SCHOOL.” Thank you! Thank you! I can say that I feel good and am not worried about his care while he is with y’all!

Alisha M.


It is so important to find a place that you can trust. I have had such a great experience with Darlene. The staff is always helpful. They provide great feedback and communication. They are wonderful and have helped me and my daughter with a smooth transition. She is a happier child, which makes me a happier mommy!

Wendy C.


For the past nine years, I’ve gone to work with ease and reassurance knowing that my children are in the best of care at Darlene’s. From the owner, Mrs. Darlene, to all of the teachers and support staff, they exude professionalism, integrity, and warmth while caring for my children. I am a single mother raising two young boys to become responsible men and having that extra support in their lives, enforcing positive behaviors, is truly a blessing. From the cleanliness of the facility to the stellar education and loving staff, I give Darlene’s Wee Care the utmost praise.

Jasmin J.


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