(6–13 years)

Summer vacation is a time for kids to run, play, enjoy the great outdoors, and, perhaps most importantly, allow time for the academic year’s information to process before beginning the new school year. Summertime allows kids to explore and play on their own terms and grow, grow, grow. However, without some structure and purposeful activities, many kids will opt to spend their summer vacations catching up on the latest movies and video games, serving no useful purpose to their growth and development.

Does your child fall behind academically during summer vacation? It can be hard to find summer child care that supports your child’s academic development—and even harder to find programs that make learning fun. Summer camp at Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids is the answer! Our full-day summer program offers kids plenty of time to play, run, imagine, and make friends outside, while also helping them to continue to progress in reading, math, and other subjects. Your child will love it—and so will you!

School is Out — Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids is In!

When school isn’t in session, our daycare is! Whether it is spring break, winter break, or that long summer break where school is out, but parents still work, we offer high-quality childcare and academic support. Our school break day programs include:

  • Stimulating activities
  • Arts and crafts
  • Physical activity
  • Sports
  • Field trips
  • Free play
  • Cooperative activities
  • Challenging puzzles and games
  • Science and nature activities
  • Special events
  • Reading time and/or storytime
  • Age-appropriate projects
  • Music
  • Meals and snacks

“They are so impressed with the value their child gets, it is so worth the cost of tuition!”