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    How to Choose A Special Needs Child Care Facility

    It can be difficult to find reliable and quality child care in general, but the process is even more challenging for parents with a special needs child. When choosing a special needs care facility, parents must be assured they are making the best decision for …More

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    Finding the Right Summer Camp For Kids

    With summer just around the corner, kids are excited for the upcoming break. And with the same anticipation, if not anxiety, their parents are seeking ways to keep the youngsters engaged and entertained. At Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids, we provide top-tier summ…More

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    How to Get Involved With Your Child’s Care

    As a working parent, you fret about your child’s wellbeing while you can’t be with them and wonder how they are doing without you. Very few parents simply trust a babysitter or a daycare to simply hand their child over to without doing some investigating. …More

  4. Getting Your Family Ready For Back to School

    Summer vacation is an exciting and relaxing time, where kids and their families get to let loose and do as they please. Summertime is filled with long days, fun activities, trips, and activities. Perhaps you are a stay-at-home parent or your kids attended summ…More

  5. Is Your Little One Ready For Preschool

    Toddlerhood is a fun and exciting time where your little one is discovering the world and making up their own mind about how things work and their role in the world. Around the age of two, parents usually find themselves discussing the education and academic d…More

  6. Packing For a Day at Summer Camp

    Packing for a day at summer camp isn’t quite the same as packing for a day at school or a typical day at daycare. Summer camp is the place that kids of all ages get to explore their physical world while learning. Summer camp is all about taking the lessons b…More

  7. Helpful Ways To Support a Diversity-Rich Preschool Classroom

    The golden hour to cultivate diversity is in preschoolers! Even in our modern-era, racial and cultural biases are still prevalent which makes teaching diversity and bringing awareness to this issue crucial for the developing preschooler. We know that after the…More

  8. Preventing Childhood Obesity – Why Your Child Care Matters

    Childhood obesity affects nearly one-third of American children. While historically, many parents and adults did not worry about heavier weights on children — and some, in fact, claiming that it was a sign of good health — research has shown that it is in …More

  9. How After School Care Helps Students Succeed

    After-school care, for most children, is viewed as little more than babysitting that covers the time the school day ends for the child and when their parents get off of work. This line of thinking causes a severe undervaluation of what a quality after-school p…More