1. Helpful Ways To Support a Diversity-Rich Preschool Classroom

    The golden hour to cultivate diversity is in preschoolers! Even in our modern-era, racial and cultural biases are still prevalent which makes teaching diversity and bringing awareness to this issue crucial for the developing preschooler. We know that after the…More

  2. The Benefits of Active Learning for Preschoolers

    It’s well known that the right learning environment makes a big difference for preschoolers. In fact, it’s practically inconceivable to think of making a preschooler sit at a desk for hours. It simply wouldn’t work. Research has shown that preschoolers l…More

  3. Preschool + Play-Doh = A Nightmare?

    If you’ve ever worked with children and play-doh, you know what a disaster it can be. You think you’re doing something fun and amazing for your kids by getting out the play-doh, but before you know it, all the colors are mixed together into a sick color of…More