Gift Ideas For Kids

That time of year for giving gifts is upon us once more. You’ve undoubtedly already seen the “top toys of 2020” list and received several catalogs in the mail from retailers advertising their selection. And, here you are wondering what to get. You want something practical that’s not expensive but will last and something the children in your life will actually enjoy without cluttering their homes with more junk. At Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids, children are our business and we get the inside scoop on what they most enjoy. Tune in today as we share some holiday gift ideas that are sure to please.


As an early learning center, we are sure you figured books would make the list of great gifts for kids, and you’re right! Books are incredible gifts because they are everything the kids in your life need, and more! Not only do they offer stories and knowledge, and oftentimes, incredible art too, but they bring the reader and the listener closer together. Children can explore far off places with their imaginations or learn how their body works. Learning to read and bonding with those who read to them are the best gifts you can give a person.

Sport Equipment

Ditch the video games and tablets for something that encourages active play and social skills. Sports equipment helps children get up and get outside, even in colder weather. Whether it’s a scooter or a hockey goal, give the kids in your life a new skill and the confidence to problem solve when they play sports! If the child you are purchasing a gift for already has an interest, support it. If not, offer something new and fun like a pair of rollerblades, a tetherball stand, a jump rope, or a basketball.

Games or Puzzles

Board games, card games, and puzzles offer children the opportunity to learn through play and include others. Give the gift of family bonding time and challenging their skills with games or puzzles. Select games that are within the ability of the child and puzzles that are slightly above their current skill level to offer a challenge. Choose interactive games that encourage participation and hold the child’s interest while inviting other family members to play. Classic games like Uno or Operation are great for kids of all ages and grow with the child. 3D puzzles offer hours of enjoyment and a tangible keepsake once they are complete.

Montessori Toys

If you must get a child a toy, get them something that promotes learning and offers a challenge. Rather than a toy that does all the work for them, get them a Montessori toy! What makes a toy a Montessori toy, you ask? These toys are simple, they offer the child the ability to use their imagination and observe. With a lack of flashing lights and sounds, Montessori toys require the child’s participation. Educational toys are great for the child who has everything they need and are available in a variety of skill levels and age groups. Search “Montessori toys” online to find just the right gift.

The children in our lives are great fun to buy gifts for, but before blindly purchasing this year’s top toy, take some time to consider what may benefit them most. Something handmade or practical will be appreciated much longer than the current trending toy. Clothes, craft supplies, and linens are gifts that often go overlooked as well. At Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids, we have a ton of great ideas for gifts for children. As an experienced daycare, we see the things that come and go and the gifts that really make a big difference. To learn more about our childcare services, visit us online or connect with us directly today!


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