Tips for Raising a Bilingual Child

Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids is dedicated to providing the most nurturing educational sound foundation for your children. We are a daycare with a difference. We provide enrichment that is aimed at stimulating a child’s natural curiosity and natural disposition toward learning. In this blog series, we are discussing raising a bilingual child. There are many myths surrounding raising a bilingual child and we will address some of those this week.

Should I not speak my native language with my child?

  • It used to be the practice that parents, namely immigrants, would not speak in their native tongue for fear that their child would not integrate into American society.
  • This is false, and immigrant parents will be surprised at how quickly their children pick up English when they go to school. Especially if they take advantage of ESL classes for their children.

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Will bilingualism confuse my child?

  • If you look around the world you will see that most of the world is, in fact, bilingual and many parts tri-lingual.
  • Confusion is a natural part of learning a language and occurs even with monolingual people.

Will my child become delayed in their education?

  • Research shows that there is no delay that can be caused by bilingualism.
  • While children who are introduced to English for the first time in school may struggle, if they are given proper instruction, they shouldn’t fall behind.
  • Many school districts in areas where a non-English language, or heritage language, such as Hmong, is spoken offer instruction in that language.

This is so much to say on this topic! We will continue this series in our next blog. In the meantime, if you are looking for high-quality day care in the future blogs.



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