Time To Start Thinking About Summer Camp 2017

“Mom, I’m bored!”
“Dad, I don’t have anything to do.”
“Mom, can we go swimming?”

Ever heard variations of these comments in the summer? Yep, we have, too. Summer is a season that should be fun, but not every parent can devote the time to coordinating a full schedule of summer activities for their child.

Summer will be here before you know it, and with it will come the inevitable question of how you’ll keep your kids busy. The answer is simple:


If you live in Upper Darby or West Philadelphia, summer camp at Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids is your answer. We are excited about the summer camp program that is gearing up here at our daycare. Our full-day program is for kids age 6-13, and it is designed to be full of fun activities while also keeping your kids learning, thriving, and growing.

Go Outside

The summer is the best time to go outside, and children should spend time running, playing games, and getting sunshine during our warm Philadelphia summer days. They’ll increase their strength and endurance, heart and lung capacity, and mental toughness in our outdoor games. They’ll also build camaraderie, learn teamwork, and practice fair play with their friends. The best part? They’ll have so much fun while they’re doing it, they won’t even notice that they’re pushing themselves to new heights.

Stay On Top Of Academic Performance

It’s just a fact of life that over the summer, kids tend to forget what they’ve learned during the school year, making the first month of school a review season before hitting the books for new material. However, the kids who fall behind the most in the summer are at risk of staying behind for the whole school year, while the kids who have forgotten the least will quickly get up to speed and be the most ready to absorb the new material. Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids is committed to your children’s academic success, so our summer also includes crucial activities to maintain their progress in reading, math, and other subjects.


Imagination is a great skill for kids to develop, and it has been shown to increase their capability, creativity, and problem-solving ability as adults. Sometimes, kids need an environment that stimulates their imagination in order to really let those creative juices start flowing. Our Creative Curriculum is designed to include tons of opportunities for kids to learn about the world, look at things from new perspectives, and engage in imaginative play.

Go On a Field Trip

No matter how rich or stimulating we can make our environment, there’s no way to include every possible summer experience for kids in one building, so we’ll also go on field trips. Here in Philadelphia, we’re surrounded with field trip locations that other communities simply don’t have right at their fingertips. Let your kids take advantage of the culture that is all around us when they go on our summer field trips.

Talk to us

Now is the season to start to think about your child’s summer camp options. Contact us to get started.


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