Developing Motor Skills

Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids is staffed by experienced teachers who know how to promote appropriate development in young children. In the toddler years, the development of motor skills is a joy to see and facilitate. Along with language skills, they make up some of the major developmental milestones that young children will hit. We’ll cover some motor skill basics in this blog and many more in the future.

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Motor Skills

  • Motor skills are the skills of the muscles and brain working together to create coordination.
  • They include gross motor skills that involve the large muscle groups and fine motor skills that include hand movements.
  • These are things that parents look for and pediatricians keep track of to make sure that there are no developmental issues with a child.

Gross Motor Skills

  • In infants these can include rolling over, sitting up and standing with assistance.
  • In toddlers, standing and walking are some of the main gross motor skills that develop by 15 months.
  • After walking, walking backwards and walking up steps are main gross skills that toddlers acquire.

Fine Motor Skills

  • From the time your baby first grasps a soft toy, you will be amazed what their tiny hands and fingers learn to do.
  • Picking up smaller and smaller objects are milestones you’ll anticipate and celebrate as they grow.
  • Practicalities such as eating and dressing themselves are all results of developing fine motor skills

We’ll cover this topic extensively in coming blogs and will include ideas for how you can help you child develop skill they’ll depend on their whole lives. If you are looking for a quality daycare center in the Upper Darby area of PA, call our daycare center and schedule a tour.


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