How to Choose A Special Needs Child Care Facility

It can be difficult to find reliable and quality child care in general, but the process is even more challenging for parents with a special needs child. When choosing a special needs care facility, parents must be assured they are making the best decision for their beloved child and their unique needs.

At Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids, we welcome and value all children, including those with special needs. On a fundamental level, every child needs the same things: play, education, and support. 

In this article, we’ll give you all the information necessary to feel assured that our daycare facility provides the best care and curriculum for special needs children in the Upper Darby area. 

Who We Are

Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids is the top-rated provider of childcare services for special needs kids in Pennsylvania. All of our staff are dedicated to nurturing and cherishing each and every child that walks (or crawls) through our doors. Regardless of whether a special needs child needs assistance with visual impairment, autism, a physical injury, or something else, we have the well-trained and compassionate staff needed to get the job done in a caring and effective way. 

Children with deafness or hearing problems will have no trouble at Darlene’s, as one of our best teachers is trained fluently in American Sign Language and belongs to the Deaf community herself. 

Kiddos with a developmental disability like autism might be nervous too, but there’s no need for this. All of our staff share a history of working closely with special needs children. They possess a strong understanding of special needs conditions and know how to communicate with your child in a way that makes them feel safe, heard, and respected.

Our Special Needs Child Care Philosophy

We believe that special needs programs are a group effort; they work best when everyone cooperates and works together. That means inclusivity and diversity in the classroom, as this encourages children to truly be themselves and to grow at their own pace. 

Children struggling with developmental or educational delays (dyslexia, for one) should feel welcomed and excited to be included and engaged in our high-quality curriculum. Each child enrolled in our daycare program will receive a curriculum specifically tailored to their unique learning and developmental needs. Elements of their personalized curriculum, depending on their condition and abilities, may include language skill development, physical ability training, group play, dietary modifications, and a wide variety of sensory stimuli to get their creative juices flowing. 

Parents often tell us that their children have such a great time at Darlene’s that it can occasionally be difficult to get them to come home! We think that’s a pretty good problem to have, if ever there was one. 


Darlene’s Wee Care 4 Kids is proud to serve a wide range of children with unique and individualized needs. We never shy away from a challenge, and we’ll share that same beneficial philosophy with your beloved little ones. Call today to learn more about our special needs child care programs and summer camps!


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